Mining rates per rarity

1/1 (Shallow Graves): 5000

Extraordinary (Weapons): 200

Mythic (Fades): 40

Legendary (VHS): 20

Epic (Sound Effects): 12

Rare (Printing Error): 8

Uncommon (1920’s): 6

Common (Cartombs!): 4

Bonus/Promo: 2

What is R-Planet?

R-Planet is an exciting dApp that gives you the ability to stake your NFTs and receive passive income in the form of Aether. With Aeter you can buy four different elements. The four basic elements underlie everything: wind, earth, fire and water. By combining them in the Generator you create something new.

When a player manages to generate a new item, he will receive:

  • A new element for further exploration.
  • A prize NFT to celebrate the discovery. (Available to the first 600 players who make this innovation.)

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Why use R-Planet?

With R-Planet it is possible to make your unused NFTs useful again. This way you don’t have to sell any of your extras underpriced on the marketplace. This game and revolutionary NFT-staking system allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.

We hope this way the ecosystem stays healthy and our collectors will remain happy as well.

Staking will be possible starting from Monday March 29th 2021

How it works