Spawn premium cards by burning your duplicates in

‘The Incinerator’

Starting from Saturday 10th April (5 pm UTC)

until Saturday 8th May (5 pm UTC)

How to create your premiums?

Our new burn function could not be easier!

When you burn any five NFTs of the same rarity (using The Incinerator on the Tools page) you will automatically receive 1 unique Cartombs! NFT!

For every rarity there are three variants to collect!

Bronze: 50%
Silver: 35%
Gold: 15%

Seven rarities with a chance of three different cards allow you to collect 21 brand new artworks!

Just remember, it does not have to be the same card. Any 5 cards of the same rarity will get you a premium. 

For example;

– any 5x common to receive a common premium NFT

– any 5x uncommon to receive an uncommon premium NFT

– any 5x rare to receive a rare premium NFT

– any 5x epic to receive an epic premium NFT

– any 5x legendary to receive a legendary premium NFT

– any 5x mythic to receive a mythic premium NFT

– any 5x extraordinary to receive an extraordinary premium NFT

Burning any of the promotional cards (Promo A, B, C &D) and Shallow Graves cards is not possible in the Incinerator. So don’t try it folks!

Hover on the cards to see what rarity cards you should burn.