How to get collection rewards

Just like our previous sets, we reward you guys with a premium card after you complete a subset.

There are 7 rarities meaning you can collect a total of 7 premium Cartombs! NFTs that are not available from any of the trading card packs.


  1. Make sure you have the complete A+B set in your inventory on the deadline. You can use the collection book to see what NFTs you are missing and buy them easily from the secondary market.
  2. You can skip this if you do not use Unstake the NFTs you need from R-Planet as those will not be seen by the script when we check if you have completed a subset. You can stake them again after you receive the premium card.
  3. Make sure to keep all the required NFTs in your inventory until you have received the premium card the day after the deadline!

Reward for a complete common subset (Cartombs!)

Deadline: Saturday 24 April

Reward for a complete uncommon subset (1920’s)

Deadline: Saturday 1 May

Reward for a complete rare subset (Printing Error)

Deadline: 8 May

Reward for a complete epic subset (Sound Effects)

Deadline: Saturday 15 May

Reward for a complete legendary subset (VHS)

Deadline: Saturday 22 May

Reward for a complete mythic subset (Fades)

Deadline: Saturday 29 May

Reward for a complete extraordinary subset (Weapons)

Deadline: Saturday 5 June

Reward for complete all subsets (excluding Shallow Graves).

This NFT is mint #1/1 and already won by a collector. Congratulations Jeremy!


  1. Common (Cartombs!): Saturday 24 April
  2. Uncommon (1920’s): Saturday 1 May
  3. Rare (Printing Error): Saturday 8 May
  4. Epic (Sounds Effects): Saturday 15 May
  5. Legendary (VHS): Saturday 22 May
  6. Mythic (Fades): Saturday 29 May
  7. Extraordinary (Weapons): Saturday 5 June

Complete your subset each saturday before 11:59 PM UTC